Traveling Made Easier for Seniors and the Disabled

To make planning a trip even easier, Mainly Meetings Travel can be the Travel Agent for the entire family of a loved one with mobility impairment. We provide the opportunity to spend time together to laugh and fully enjoy the wonders of travel as a family.
It’s our pleasure to help make that happen by clearing away obstacles for the disabled traveller as well as arranging travel for the entire party.

• Caribbean island hopping

• Exploring ancient civilizations along the Mediterranean rim

• Cruising the grand Panama Canal

• New England and Canada for    the breathtaking fall foliage  Majestic Alaska

• Mysteries of the Orient

Countless other cruises and travel destinations within the United States and around the world make excellent travel experiences. We arrange for any special needs while you travel in comfort and security with your special loved one.

Fun for the Whole Family

Traveling can create cherished wonderful memories for years to come. Taking trips with loved ones adds significant enjoyment to the entire traveling experience. But often the thought of finding suitable disability accommodations is overwhelming. Complicated traveling needs can add stress to what should be a special time with the family.

Mainly Meetings Travel can help with disabled traveling accommodations for families with seniors who have special traveling needs and want to enjoy a meaningful trip with their children and grandchildren. We also solve disabled traveling difficulties for those with health-related concerns who need dependable arrangements for their comfort and safety.

Before you even think about packing the first bag, call us to ease the planning of your trip to ensure a stress-free time. Our success is built on anticipating travel needs and preparing for complications that may arise in any disabled traveling situation.

Disabled Accommodations for Global Travelers

Thinking About a Taking a Vacation or Cruise with a Senior or Disabled Person?

• Air and land transportation

• Group escorts arrangements

• Travel insurance

Land travel can bring its own set of challenges. We can help those traveling with disabilities on land tours including:

• Hotel accessible accommodations

• Special medical procedures, such as dialysis arrangements

• Group escorts

• Airport pre-boarding special arrangements

• Private transportation for airport and other travel venues

• Special vehicles for the disabled traveler

Mainly Meetings Travel can help you reduce the stress of caring for a loved one with special traveling needs. Create new memories by spending precious moments with your special loved one, family and friends.  Relax and enjoy the whole experience.