How Our Partnership Program Benefits Non-Profits

Travel is a great way for an organization to have fun and enjoy the company of other members in a more relaxed environment. Traveling with family, friends and fellow members helps build a sense of community and personal growth within the group for stronger and more positive bonds.

Non-profit organizations put a lot of work into choosing venues and arranging programs. Mainly Meetings Travel is experienced in organizing all kinds of group travel events, from a one-day bus excursion to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, to a Broadway theater trip, to a Caribbean cruise, to a pilgrimage of the Holy Land.  

Travel Programs Attract New Members

Inviting non-members on an organization-sponsored trip is a tremendous opportunity to connect and establish relationships with potential members, by allowing people to mingle with your organization’s members in a more meaningful way. So travel activities give groups a competitive edge in attracting new members, and retaining current membership levels.

Travel & Fundraising

Travel programs can be terrific way to help generate funds for organizations. Mainly Meetings Travel takes the stress off planning the trips by giving guidance in selecting the destinations and arranging transportation, lodgings and venues for day trips or week-long cruises. We can set up travel calendars and even help to promote the events!

Organizations can raise funds through:

 Fees for venues, lodgings and transportation

 Specifically designed fund-raising programs by cruise lines

 Royalties from commissions Mainly Meetings Travel receives

 Shares of fees for general travel arrangements booked through Mainly Meetings Travel for members’ personal or business travel needs.

Mainly Meetings Travel is your partner in helping your organization to grow.

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