1:  Notify your credit card company that you will be taking a trip and may do extra charging so they don’t deny your purchases.

2:  Stop your mail and newspaper delivery.

3:  Do not put your upcoming trip information on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social network as it may alert potential burglars.

4:  Check with the National Health Department for health warnings and medications that you should take with you for specific areas.

5:  Check with the State Department for safety and security warnings.

6:  The best way to pack is to do a list of events and sightseeing for each day and
pack only what you will wear. This will eliminate a lot of extra baggage.

7:  Check the requirements for electronic equipment for where you are going.

8:  The best place to exchange money is at an ATM with your credit/debit card.

9:  Airlines have a 3 oz. restriction for each liquid.  You can purchase 3 oz. containers to avoid guesswork.

10:  Always take a carry bag with your medicines and jewelry and important items.  Suggested inclusion: Band Aids; Neosporin; anti-diarrhea; seasickness medication and aspirin

11:  Sunscreen expires, so check that yours is current.

12:  Make sure your passport is current and will be active at least 6 months after your trip.  This is required by cruise lines and other tour companies.
13:  Copy all your travel documents and leave one set at home, one set with a contact person and one set in your luggage.

14:  Put emergency contact information in your suitcase so someone can find it in the event you are unable to retrieve it.

15:  Identification tags and luggage belts should be brightly colored to ease identifying your baggage.

16:  Put your itinerary in your suitcases
so they can be forwarded if they are separated from you during travel.

17:  Make sure you book early to get any available on board perks.

18:  Join the “frequent/loyalty clubs” to get perks. (Both tour companies and cruise lines have them.)

19:  Whatever your trip – book early to get exactly what you want at a good price. Last minute deals are becoming very scarce.
20:  Be sure to purchase travel insurance … including health and accident coverage.  You just never know what might happen.

21:  Take extra camera batteries and chips for more photos.

22:  If you have special dietary needs, notify your travel professional early so he/she can alert the tour company or cruise line.

23:  Book with a travel agent for perks and extra service at no additional cost

Travel Tips